Be A Light

be a light
Empower families in America to break free from poverty!

Light the way this Christmas and help moms, dads, and children out of poverty.
Your star in the “Be A Light” Campaign sky will provide an unemployed or low-wage person
the items listed below. In addition, your light will dispel the darkness of poverty by offering families…

…A Life-changing Community & Faith-based Educational Program.

star1$5 will feed a hungry child while his or her parent attends job training classes
star2$25 will provide free childcare for a child of a mom or dad enrolled in computer classes
star3$50 will provide a job coach to an unemployed job seeker
star4$100 will purchase a bible for a child and his or her parents. 
star5$125 will pay a single mom’s GED testing fee
star6$250 will enroll internationally-born residents in Conversational English Classes
star7$500 will provide food, rent assistance, and bus passes for an unemployed woman as she searches for jobs
star8$1,000 will enroll a GED graduate in a college/job training program
star9$2,400 will empower one family in America to break free from poverty

You can make a difference!
Be a light and dispel the darkness of poverty in Middle Tennessee!

Here are ways to “Be a Light”:

by credit card:

Cash or Check

A star can be given as an honor/memorial gift


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